Feb 25, 2010

♥Painter's Dream♥

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Did you miss me?????
I took a little break from writing tuts.
Just have been so crazy busy with RL & My Forum.
I did a complete Forum Makover!
If you want to check us out, Join me!
Soooo...I have tons to write up now. lol
First I will be sharing some easy QP tuts.
Then I will be back with some awesome scrapkit tuts!
Stay Tuned!!
Remember to leave some LUV

If you are using/doing my tuts.♥
A Thank You goes a long way! :)
Have A Blessed Day!

Click tag to get full view.
You must have a working knowledge of PSP.
I am using the beautuful artwork of Eugene Rzhevskii.
You must purchase a license to use this art.
You may do so at MPT

A tube of choice & Font of choice.

Mask of choice or the one I used from
BlackGlitter. HERE
It's called Wynter Mask1
Awesome Freebie QP
"Painters Dream"
From: Magali Designs
Thank You Magali!

Ready? Easy Peasy!

Open your QP in PSP.
Resize it 20% Smartsize.
Open a new canvas 650x650,
You may resize/crop later.
Floodfill white.
I added another raster layer and floodfilled it with pink.
Apply a mask of choice to this layer.
Merge mask group.
Paste the QP as a new layer on your canvas.
It will cover the whole canvas.
Apply the Wynter mask to the QP, and on your
layers pallette merge mask group.
Next using a face tube or image paste it as a new layer.
Drag it under the QP Masked layer.
Center it in the frame, erase any bits needed.
Place it where it looks best.
Add a matching standing tube if you like.
Add your Artist © and your Name and
Walla! U R Done! :)
See mine above or make it your own!
As always mine is just a guide.
X out the bottom white layer
before saving to have a transparent bkg for forums..
Save as PNG.
Hope you enjoyed my tutorial & thanks for trying it!
Until next time!

Written by Beaches-February 25, 2010
Any resemblance to another tutorial is purely coincidental.

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