Mar 10, 2009


Another tut for you all! :)
I named this tut after ME! lmao
It just sooo fit!
& I LOVE the Beach!
TY all who took the time to leave me a shoutout!
YW! I do it all for you!
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You must have a working knowledge of PSP.

I am using the beautuful artwork of Marco Guaglione.
You must purchase a license to use this art.
You may do so at MPT HERE


1 tube of choice & Font of choice.
I used Futurist Fixed.
Mask of choice. I used a round one.
An Awesome FTU Kit Called Caribe Club.
I am not sure how long it will be available, so hurry!
Can be found at:
Tinette Designs: HERE
Love this Kit! TY Tinette!! ♥
OK..Let's Do It!
Open your supplies in PSP. Open a new
canvas 700x700, you may resize/crop later.
Floodfill white. Add a new raster layer. Selections,
select all. Resize & Copy and paste a paper from
the kit into selection. I used the sand paper.
Select none. Apply a round mask, and on your
layers pallette merge mask group. Resize the
element 23 and paste as a new layer. Light dropshadow.
Resize and add the frame11 as a new layer.
Rotate it 90%. Using your selection tool set
to rectangle, trace around the opening of the
frame. Resize and paste another paper as a
new layer, I used the beach paper.
Selections>Invert then delete on your keyboard.
Select none. Drag paper under frame layer.
Dropshadow frame. Now resize and add the
element overlay 49 as a new layer, above
the paper & then in your layer pallette, lower
the opacity to 65. Resize the palm leaves and
mirror it. Place it as a new layer to the top
left. Dropshadow. On your paper layer, Resize
and add the grass as a new layer, image>flip.
Erase any parts hanging over the sides. Dropshadow.
Now simply resize and paste some flowers,
etc around your frame. Dropshadow.
I added a few of the bows. Use your imagination!
Have fun with it, there is plenty to work with!
Resize the sand dollar, and paste as a
new layer. Dropshadow. Duplicate and resize again.
Place it at the bottom right. Add the clip,
& dropshadow. I dropshadow everything! lol
See mine above or make it your own! As always
mine is just a guide. Now X out the bottom
layer and your mask layer. Merge visable the
remaining layers. Un X the hidden layers. Position
all layers nicely. Image Resize 80-90% Bicubic
resample all layers checked.

Hint: You can X out the bottom white layer
before saving to have a transparent bkg for forums..

Add your Artist © and your Name and WooT!!
You Are Done!

Hope you enjoyed my tutorial & thanks for trying it! :)
Until next time!

Written by Beaches March 10, 2009
Any resemblance to another tutorial is purely coincidental.

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