Oct 13, 2008

●No Words●

You must have a working knowledge of PSP.
I am using the beautuful artwork of Suzanne Woolcott.
1 Tube of choice & my supplies I have
gathered these supplies from various groups,
if they are yours, please contact me so I can give you credit or take them down.
Supplies Needed:

This is an Easy Peasy TUT..Let's Go!
Open the supplies in PSP and minimize for now.
Open a new canvas 700x700 floodfill white.
You can resize later. Copy and paste the plaid
paper as a new layer. Resize as needed.
Mask of choice the paper layer, Merge group
on the mask in layer pallette. Paste the green
curled paper layer on top of your maked layer.
Once again resize as needed. Dropshadow.
Copy the notebook paper, resize if needed,
and paste as new layer on top of the green paper.
Dropshadow. Using a fancy hanwriting font,
type whatever words you want your tag to say.
I used Wisper. Try to make it cover most of your notebook,
so some of the words can be seen through
the rest of the bits we are going to add. :)
Once happy with it, Merge the words layer down
on your layer pallette. Rotate the notebook to
the left a little bit, see mine above. Copy and
paste the wrapped ribbon layer, and resize to fit
the green curled paper. Dropshadow.
Place it above the notebook layer.
Copy and paste your embellishments as new layers to your liking.
Resizing and rotating to your liking, Dropshadow.
Add your tube as a new layer, and place
it where it looks best and once again Dropshadow of choice.
Arrange all layers to your liking and x out white
background layer, and merge visable. Un X bottom layer.
Position your merdged layer nicely.
Image Resize 88-90% Bicubic resample all layers checked.

Add your Artist © and your Name and WooT!! You Are Done!
Hope you enjoyed my tutorial & thanks for trying it! :)

Written by Beaches January 19th 2008
Any resemblance to another tutorial is purely coincidental.

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