Oct 29, 2008

♥My Third Award!♥

Wow I Am Again Flattered!
Thank You Mar!♥
I am so excited to recieve this from you!
I never dreamed so many people
would love my blog and my tuts.
I have had almost 6,000 visitors in
just the two weeks I have been here.
I will continue to post as many new tuts as possible!
I will be adding a slide today to
show off tags made with my tuts.
Please e-mail me through my profile
with any tags you want to show off!
I would love to see what you all create!

Now, with this Award,
The rules are that I have
to state seven things
that I love and then pass
this onto seven more blogs.
So here goes!
Seven things I LOVE Are, The Lord, My Fiance' Stoney,
My Family, PSP, My PC, Candles, & The Beach! (of course!)
I am passing this award on to Seven of my Fav Blogs!
Yvette & Missy of Misfits Scrapz ,
Denny of Denz Designz Chas of ChasScrapnBitz
You ALL Deserve It!

1 comment:

DeliciousScraps said...

Thanks so much for the award!! I am honoured and appreciate it greatly!


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